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Creating a User Name gives you access to your account details and some great tools including:

  • - View Smart Meter consumption data*
  • - View and Pay your bills online
  • - Review your transaction and payment history
  • - Analyze and download electricity and water usage
  • - Add multiple accounts to your web profile

To register, click on 'Register' - you'll need your account number and the amount of your last bill. Within 24 hours you'll have online access to your consumption details and hourly and daily Smart Meter consumption charts*.

Your hourly data is supplied from the provincial Management Data Management Repository (MDMR) who is responsible for storing your meter reading information.

We protect the privacy of your information please ensure that you do too! Please don't share your account number or password!

*This feature is available for customers who have been switched to Time-of-Use (TOU) pricing.